According to Law no. 92/1996 regarding the STS organization and function with its subsequent amendments, STS is the sole authority able to issue mandatory technical norms in the field of special telecommunications. STS guarantees special radio communications protection and confidentiality, these being exempted  from authorization and licence regime, stipulated in the current telecommunication regulations.

WiMAX subscribers that can provide fixed/nomadic and mobile services
(Ethernet Convergence Sublayer and IP Convergence Sublayer)

WiMAX Subscriber AIRSPAN MIMAX PRO V72 370
Conformity certificate no. 1 from 30.08.2011

WiMAX Subscriber GreenPacket OX-350i
Conformity certificate no. 4 from 20.03.2012

Conformity certificate nr. 7 from 04.03.2016

WiMAX Subscriber TELRAD CPE7000
Conformity certificate nr. 8 from 31.10.2017

WiMAX Subscriber KZ Tech AirMaster6000N WiMAX/LTE
Conformity certificate nr. 10 from 05.03.2018

WiMAX subscribers that can provide mobile services
(IP Convergence Sublayer only)

WiMAX Subscriber AIRSPAN MIMAX USB V18 370
Conformity certificate no. 2 from 10.09.2011

WiMAX Subscriber AWB RG211
Conformity certificate no. 3 from 06.12.2011

WiMAX Subscriber TELTONIKA UM62x1
Conformity certificate no. 5 from 28.03.2012

WiMAX Subscriber URoad 8000
Conformity certificate no. 6 from 20.06.2012

WiMAX Subscriber Airspan My-MRT WiMAX/LTE Dual Mode Vehicle CPE
Conformity certificate nr. 9 from 04.12.2017

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