RO-ALERT system allows sending Cell Broadcast messages to warn and alert citizens in case of emergency and is used under major circumstances, when people’s life and health condition are endangered, such as extreme weather, ominous floods, terrorist attacks or other situations that are severe threats to communities.

The Special Telecommunications Service provides technical administration and security mechanisms for the RO-ALERT System, its operation being ensured by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, according to GEO no. 72 of 5 November 2017.

EMERGENCY ORDINANCE regarding the operation  of the RO-ALERT  Emergency Warning System for the Population

RO-ALERT advantages

  • Broadcasting alerts adapted to the imminent event through the networks owned by the mobile phone operators;
  • Rapid message sending to all users located in the threatened area, even under congestion of mobile phone operators’ networks;
  • Instant message display on the mobile terminal without any intervention of the user;
  • Cyclic repetition of alerts at preset time frames;
  • Receiving alerts by terminals using roaming services on the Romanian territory;
  • Accuracy of alerts, solely based on information provided by authorized sources.

More information about the RO-ALERT System is available at the following link:

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