The timeline of the calls to 112 in the case of Timisoara

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

At the 112 Emergency Call Center Timișoara, there were recorded, between 16 and 18 November this year, a number of 15 emergency calls signaling different medical symptoms of illness, nausea, vomiting, colic and abdominal pain of some people living in the same block.

The 15 calls that were taken by the 112 operators in service during the three days, were indexed as medical emergencies and the callers' connection was transferred to the staff of the Timiș County Ambulance Service. The decision on the way forward  (intervention or not) belonged exclusively to the ambulance staff.

Referring to the 15 calls to 112 Single Emergency Number, there were three people who made multiple calls (10 in number) and five single calls. In terms of the processing time of the calls, the transfer to the medical staff that dispatches the medical emergencies, respectively SAJ Timiș, was carried out with an average of 53 seconds/call.

The situation of the single calls recorded was the following:

  • November 16, current year, at 13.35.28, 14:05:41 and 16: 5511;
  • November 17, current year, at 8:43:28;
  •  November 18, current year, at 07:59:57.

All the cases of single callers were aimed at medical emergencies, the people showing vomiting, abdominal cramps, and dehydration.

The multiple call cases were recorded as follows:
On Saturday, November 16, 2019, at 09:21:31 pm, the first call was received requesting medical support for a child with abdominal pain and vomiting. The caller later returned at 18:18:53.

About three hours after the first call, on Saturday, at 12:25:22, a person called announcing that a woman from the same block, but from another apartment, was experiencing nausea and vomiting. This caller returned after almost 30 hours, on November 17, a.c., at 18:04:36.

The third multiple call case was initiated on Sunday, November 17, current year, at 08:05:09, which was followed by another call at 10:44:11. Subsequently, the same person returned during the night and morning, at 2:42:36, at 03:22:43, at 05:16:56, and at 09:05:14.     

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