The STS Technical Support Call Center is Available 24h/day for the Good Unfolding of the Presidential Elections

Sunday, 10 November 2019

More than 1,600 employees of the Special Telecommunications Service provide technical assistance and operative intervention for the computer operators and for the presidents of the polling stations inside and outside the country. There are 41 call centers, one for each county, and one dedicated to Bucharest-Ilfov region and for the polling stations abroad, continuously working round-the-clock.

The STS personnel offers technical assistance related to the use of the equipment within the polling stations and advises the computer operators on how to use the tablets and the application for the verification of the right to vote.

“The STS experts are prepared to provide technical assistance for a variety of cases encountered by the computer operators and the presidents of the polling stations. Since 2016 until now, STS has been training over 50,000 individuals, and during the last two months more than 9,000 persons were trained for the elections underway. The novelty is the introduction of the digital signature for the electors abroad which significantly improves the voting procedure both for computer operators and voters. The digital signature reduces the time interval necessary for the registration and validation of the voters’ identification data, thus the entire operation lasts far less compared to the previous elections. Moreover, the polling stations also benefit from voice and data equipment. We are prepared to provide assistance through our call center and, through the operative intervention centers our teams reach in maximum 45 minutes when necessary all over the country”, stated the First Deputy Director of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), brigadier general Eng. Ionel-Sorin Bălan.

The call taking is configured so that the caller can opt for one of the following cases:
-    key 1 for technical assistance related to the information and communication system (STS);
-    key 2 for specialized assistance regarding the election procedures (AEP, BEC);
-    key 3 for specialized assistance regarding the filling in of the report (INS);
-    key 4 for complaints regarding multiple voting (MAI).

In the Bucharest-Ilfov region, the Call center has been operational since November 5th, 22:00h, when the postal voting started, and it closes on November 11th at the same time with the closing of the last polling station.

The main communications and information technology equipment installed for these elections in accordance with the legal provisions in force are fully functional and are 100% available from their commissioning.

At the end of this week, election analysts of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) under the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) met STS experts to discuss about the role and duties of our institution throughput the elections. Our experts made a demonstration of the information systems and applications developed for the optimum unfolding of the presidential elections and showed how the tablet is used during the registration and validation of the voters’ data.

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