The equipment of the new computer system SUMAL has been purchased and is being installed and configured

Friday, 27 September 2019

In view of the interest expressed by the public opinion and the media, as well as the numerous requests received by our institution regarding the Integrated National Computer System for Wood Tracking - SUMAL, the Communication Department within the Ministry of Waters and Forestry is able to specify the following:

The General Directorate of Forestry which has the responsibility of the Integrated National Computer System for Wood Tracking - SUMAL is, at the same time, actively involved in the implementation of the new computer system - SUMAL 2, in partnership with the Special Telecommunications Service (STS).

In 2018-2019, the Ministry of Waters and Forestry purchased IT equipment, a drone with accessories and a GPS. The IT equipment was installed, configured and hosted by the Special Telecommunications Service.

The new SUMAL System is composed of 11 modules, as follows:
  1. Super Admin Module - the SUMAL system administration module;
  2. Forest Guards Module -  module intended for Forest Guards;
  3. Agent Module - intended for economic operators;
  4. Arrangement module - intended for GIS highlighting of the national forestry fund;
  5. Forestry district module - intended for forest managers;
  6. Wood Tracking Module - designed for wood traceability;
  7. IWood Tracking Module  - designed to control the traceability of the wooden mass;
  8. Wood Tracking/Inspectorul Pădurii Module (mobile application and web platform) - intended for the population to verify the transport of wooden materials;
  9. SNEICS Module - intended for centralized forest record contraventions;
10. MFR module - intended for tracking the reproductive forest materials;
11. DDS module - intended for centralized record keeping of controls according to EU regulation 995/2010 Due Diligence.

The intrinsic complexity of the SUMAL 2 IT system generated a series of challenges both for the design activity (defining functional and design requirements) and for the software development activity. Among them  we are mentioning:
     a. The 11 modules are interdependent, according to the rules and norms specific to the mode of management and timber harvesting / transport;
     b. In the case of the Arrangement module from which follow the proposed works, descriptive data, as well as the spatial data (GIS)  of the forest maps, it was necessary to develop a unitary system for data collection and processing, the other actors in the field being also consulted - INCDS, RNP - Romsilva, certified economic agents for landscaping works;
     c. in the case of the   Forestry District module, difficulties were encountered regarding the calculation of the APV volume, overcoming them, requiring the involvement of several entities with expertise in the field and an extension of the transmission deadlines to Special Telecommunications Service for creating computer algorithms :
           i. Have been developed simultaneously five calculation methods for estimating the volume of  wood mass - in accordance with the provisions of MO 1323/2015;
          ii. in order to establish the coefficients of the regression equation used in the calculation of the volume, the support of INCDS, ASAS, Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering and other experts in the field was requested - validation of the proposed solutions was done after several meetings and debates;
         iii. for the development of this module were invited to debate forest engineers from forest administrations that will put into practice the new architecture SUMAL – their proposals  have been taken into account from the timber valorification until taking back the forest area;
          iv. for the first time, the issuing of marking delegations will be made in SUMAL, these being correlated with the provisions of forestry arrangements regarding the proposed works to be performed;
          v. for the realization of the field inventories, a marking application   shall be developed for Android devices that will lead to the automation of the data retrieval in SUMAL Forestry District, without the need to compile the record sheets, the heights and the report of the use of the marking device;
          vi. a special situation in the development of the module was the way of calculating the increases for the deferred partitions from the exploitation - it was solved together with the INCDS through the assimilations realized between the species for which researches were performed regarding the growth indices;
     d. the Agent module for the economic actors has been finalized, with major changes regarding the monthly reporting mode of the activity, electronic notice, electronic register, traceability ensured by GPS monitoring of the wood mass transports;
     e. The Super Admin module has been completed and shall allow the definition of the users and their roles and the administration of the SUMAL system.

During the development stages, new operational requirements appeared, and the identification of solutions, their testing and remediation of unforeseen situations allowed the development of better adapted functionalities to the particularities of the forestry field. The modules already made shall be connected and tested, continuing the development of the future modules, in the near future.

As regards the date on this system  shall become operational, the representatives of Ministry of Waters and Forestry and Special Telecommunications Service  management have set,  further to the meeting of 8 July, 2019, the following deadlines:
     a. September 27, 2019: Launch in pre-production (for testing under real conditions of exploitation by a pilot group of users) of the SUMAL version 2.1 (priority modules and basic functionalities);
     b. December 30, 2019: Production release of SUMAL version 2.1 (priority modules and basic functionalities);
     c. June 30, 2020: Launching of SUMAL version 2.2 (full version, including modules and complementary functionalities).

The terms proposed by the working group are estimative and may change depending on the complexity of the new functionalities that shall be required.

The Ministry of Waters and Forestry shall monitor with maximum attention and responsibility the steps taken by the General Directorate of Forestry and collaborates with the Special Telecommunications Service in the most urgent implementation of the computer system SUMAL 2. One proof in this regard is that the number of persons within the ministry involved in identifying and formulating the functional requirements of this project has tripled.

The main objectives of the management of the Ministry of Water and Forestry are those to conserve and protect the forest, as well as to observe the regulations in force regarding the exploitation of this resource.

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