STS has developed a web page for presentingthe information from correlations

Saturday, 09 November 2019

According to BEC Decision 54/2019, Annex 1, the data entered on the tablet to verify the correlations are transmitted from SIMPV to SICPV, as well as the photo of the minutes completed in the polling station. The system must allow the export of this data in .csv format.
The generated .csv files can be downloaded with the users' accounts from the closed network of the Central Election Bureau. We mention that there are AEP users who have the role of administrator in this system.
The Permanent Electoral Authority requested STS, on 08.11.2019, support for   presenting the data in the .csv files that contain the correlations and verifications at the polling stations level, in graphical form.
Thus, STS has created a static web page for presenting the information from correlations, which has been made available to AEP, as requested. The update, respectively the frequency of updating this web page is the responsibility of AEP, which is the owner of the domain / subdomain.
The data you refer to will be accessed through an AEP system administrator account and will be transferred periodically, on the web page described above, by the AEP staff who is the administrator account holder.

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