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Friday, 31 January 2020

With regard to the article "STS can you let us live too? In connection with the evidence according to which the România Curată (Clean Romania) platform is attacked by the state institutions” posted on the website, for the correct information of the public opinion, the Press Office of STS makes the following statement:

The Special Telecommunications Service does not monitor the data traffic of the websites and does not carry out cyberattacks against news portals.

The public IP belongs to the IP address class managed by the Special Telecommunications Service and is allocated for use to the National Press Agency, with the status of a public institution.

From a technical standpoint, the data presented (73 hits in a month) in relation to the IP mentioned are not typical of a DDoS virus attack, but rather of a normal navigation of the site to which reference is made.

In the case of internet services provided, according to the law, by STS to its beneficiaries, our institution provides the technical infrastructure and allocates IP addresses, indicating that the workstations belong only to those beneficiaries and are operated under their own regime by each of them.

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