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Monday, 18 November 2019

Following the occurrence in the public space of some information with regard to the emergency calls received in the situation on Miorița street, Timișoara municipality, the Special Telecommunications Service makes the following statements:

The responsabilities of the STS 112 Call Takers consist of taking emergency calls, conducting the primary interview and transferring them to the specialized intervention agencies. In this case, the calls were transferred to the Ambulance. The 112 operator's responsibility ceases after the transfer of the call and information to the intervention agencies, the latter being responsible for managing the intervention, allocating resources and monitoring the reported situation.

STS has no information about the severity, impact or size of the casework regarding the emergency cases handled by the intervention agencies.

At Timișoara 112 Emergency Call Center , there were recorded, between 16 and 18 November BC, 15 emergency calls, including also the return calls for the same case, concerning the situation on Miorița street, as follows:
16/11/2019, at:
09:21:31, 12:25:22, 13:35:28, 14:05:41, 16:55:11, 18:18:53
11/17/2019, at:
08:05:09, 08:43:28, 10:44:11, 18:04:36
18/11/2019, at:
2:42:36, 3:22:43, 5:16:56, 7:59:57, 9:05:14.

All calls taken by the STS 112 Call Takers were transferred to the dispatcher of the specialized intervention agency or ambulance.

Please note that the 112 Call Takers have processed the calls according to the provisions of the Methodology regarding the cooperation of specialized intervention agencies in the case of emergencies received through the Single National Emergency Call System.

As regards the typology of the cases and the symptomatology of the reported medical cases, please contact the Timișoara Ambulance Service.

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