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Monday, 12 August 2019

In the implementation of measure 7 of the Preliminary Report on the Single National 112 Emergency Call System (SNUAU), prepared by the inter-ministerial Committee regarding the 112 Emergency call system set out by the Decision of the Prime Minister no. 166/2019, the Special Telecommunications Service announces the signing on 09.08.2019 of the Contract for the supply of hardware equipment and software applications for the "Modernization of the hardware and software infrastructure of the "Single National Emergency Call System", with the Association of Orange Romania S.A. - Atos ConvergenceCreators S.R.L. whose tender was declared successful following the open tender procedure.

The contract value is 183.698.974,87 lei without VAT, which is financed in a percentage of 85% from non-reimbursable external funds through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program 2014-2020 (POIM), Priority Axis 5 "Promoting adaptation to climate change, prevention and risk management", Strategic Objective 5.2 "Increasing the level of preparedness for a rapid and efficient disaster response of the intervention crews", based on the Financing Contract 208 / 28.08.2018, conclued between the Special Telecommunications Service and the Ministry of European Funds through the POIM Managing Authority.

The contract shall be implemented over a period of 24 months and shall bring direct benefits in terms of saving lives, protecting property and the environment by:
- modernization at the level of 40 counties of the hardware and software infrastructure of SNUAU, by adopting an architecture that allows more efficient management of emergency situations and assimilation with minor adaptations of the new standards in the field of emergency communications;
- reducing the waiting time until the emergency calls are taken over by the intelligent distribution of the calls, thus avoiding the congestion in situations of rapid increase in the number of the callers;
- faster and more effective interventions in emergencies by creating capabilities for receiving emergency calls and associated location information, which present a higher degree of accuracy and which ensure a more precise location of the callers during an emergency;
- more efficient collaboration between public institutions that coordinate and manage emergency response activities, by creating a common operational picture, with relevant details for decision making;
- the possibility of receiving and attaching additional data during the emergency call, such as video and image transmissions from the event site, to substantiate the intervention decision;
- extending the accessibility of the emergency service for people with hearing and / or speech disabilities, in accordance with the latest European requirements;
- ensuring the functioning of the current facilities (eCall, SMS 113, etc.).

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