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Sunday, 04 August 2019

As a result of the received requests, regarding the number of incoming calls to the 112 emergency number, please note the following:

For the first time since the establishment of the 112 Emergency Service, in 2019, the number of non-urgent calls dropped below 50%. The total number of incoming calls to the 112 Emergency Service from the beginning of the year to 01.07.2019 is 5.715.753, of which 2.989.280 were urgent calls and 2.726.473 were non-urgent calls.

Between 20.07.2019-31.07.2019, the 112 single emergency number registered a total number of 403.886 calls, of which 192.751 were non-urgent calls.

For the periods requested for information, respectively 20-25.07.2019 and 26-31.07.2019, the statistical data show that at the single number 112 have been performed:
          - a number of 196,332 calls, of which 95.701 were non-urgent calls, between 20-25.07.2019;
          - a number of 207.554 calls, of which 97.050 were non-urgent calls, between 26-31.07.2019.

A significant number of non-urgent calls have been received from unidentified SIM cards.

As for the "APEL 112" application, at the moment, it has a total of 145.640 downloads, as follows:
         - 787 downloads between 20-25.07.2019;
         - 122.071 downloads between 26-31.07.2019.

The "APEL 112" application still has a large number of downloads, most of them being registered on 26.07.2019, respectively 40.134.

The decrease in the number of non-urgent calls is primarily due to the citizens, who understood that it is important to call 112 only when they have an emergency.

Thank you and please call 112 only when you have an emergency!

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