Over 287.000 people have installed free of charge the APEL 112 application

Monday, 09 December 2019

APEL 112 is the application developed by STS, which can locate with an accuracy of just 10 meters, the phone of a person calling the 112 single emergency number. Over 287,000 people have installed the application that can save their life in a critical situation, for free.

Since the launch of the application until now, 3.172 people have been located only through one touch on the mobile phone display. By sending the coordinates of the phone from which the call to 112 is initiated, the response time of the intervention and rescue agencies is considerably reduced.

Lately, the APEL 112 application has acquired notoriety, with more and more calls being made through this software. Citizens call 112 using the mobile application to request support in the event of road accidents, to report outbreaks of forest fires or to request medical assistance for people found unconscious on the street.

An important case in which the location of the phone using the application made the difference took place in Cluj County, where three people were involved in a car crash and were not familiar with the area. In less than a minute, the Ambulance Service and the Police received important data from the scene. Also in Cluj County, a driver involved in a road accident was located using the STS application, and the call was transferred to the intervention agencies in just 62 seconds.

In Prahova County, the location data transmitted through the APEL 112   application led to the fast and prompt intervention of the firefighters to put out a fire outbreak, at the Sinaia forest fund. This was signaled by a tourist on a mountain trail in the area and, to indicate the exact location, he used the APEL 112 application.

These examples show that every second matters, and the use of the application developed by STS gives more chance of life and ensures a much faster and prompt intervention in case of an emergency.

Taking into consideration that, at this moment, APEL 112 application is the easiest locating method in emergencies, STS has started an extensive promotion campaign, at national level, to encourage people to download, install the application and use it when they have an emergency.

"The APEL 112 application must always be on our phones and we   should use it only in emergency cases, being very easily associated with the emergency kit in vehicles. In our campaign we benefit from both the support of the state authorities and the partners in civil society. This application has already proven its utility, and the fact that, in such a short time, a large number of Romanians have downloaded it, determines us to continue our efforts to promote and encourage the population to use it." stated the First Deputy Director of STS, Major General Ionel-Sorin Bălan.

The campaign to promote the APEL 112 application is being carried out at national level by broadcasting radio and TV spots, recommended as being of public interest by the National Audiovisual Council of Romania.

At the same time, STS also identified other channels to promote the application, by disseminating materials on the billboards in Bucharest and in the country, as well as on the monitors existing in the means of public transport.

In the context of the winter holidays and the influx of people in shopping centers and hypermarkets, STS has taken steps to include advertising materials with the APEL 112 application in the brochures, as well as in other advertising means used by these companies.
Background info
On February 15th, 2019, STS launched the APEL 112 emergency application for mobile phones, which allows sending the GPS coordinates at the moment the call is initiated to the Single National Emergency Calls System.

The application is developed by STS and allows coordinates to be transmitted when the emergency call is generated from a national mobile network. Its use implies the activation and existence of data services (Internet access) and location service (GPS) of the mobile phone.

Even in the absence of data service, the caller will be able to communicate the location to the 112 operator, during the telephone conversation, because the APEL 112 application allows the display of GPS coordinates.
APEL 112 application can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Wherever you are in the country, choose to be safe!
Download FreeCharge APEL 112 application!

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