Changes related to the display of results at the presidential election

Friday, 01 November 2019

Following the requests received at the Press Office regarding the publication on the Internet of data on centralizing the results of the presidential election in November 2019, the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) communicates the following:  
Question no. 1. Will the three sections also exist at the presidential election (provisional, partial and final results)?
The Special Telecommunications Service publishes on the Internet the data related to the electoral process from November 2019, according to the operational requirements resulting from the decisions of the AEP resolutions and BEC decisions.
So far, no operational requirements have been addressed to STS, stating that the provisional results will be published. Therefore, until now, only partial and final results will be published.
Question no. 2. Is there a difference between the way the results of the presidential election compared to the European Parliament elections will be displayed? If so, who decided to make such changes?
According to the operational requirements mentioned above, it turns out that there will be differences between the way of displaying the results in the presidential election compared to the European Parliament elections.
STS has no operational requirements for publishing the provisional results, and the responsibility for publishing the data belongs to the AEP and BEC.
Question no. 3. From the information I have, some data will be missing. Do you not consider that the absence, within the "provisional results" heading, of the centralizing table of results from the polling stations at the county level, means a decrease in the transparency of the electoral process? Should we understand that the parties can no longer see, in real time, the centralization of the raw results from the polling stations?
The applications developed by STS allow the publication of the results of the presidential elections with the same transparency and visibility as in the case of the European Parliament elections.
We consider that the non-publication of the provisional results does not ensure the same level of transparency as in the case of the elections of May 26th, 2019.
Also, we consider that the level of transparency achieved by publishing the provisional results must be the same for all target groups.
At present, there are no operational requirements that would allow STS to centralize the provisional results at the polling stations level.

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