112 saves lives!

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Two people stuck in the snow were located today in the mountains by the 112 operators in Dâmbovița.

During today, a car with two occupants got stuck in the snow near Ialomiţa Cave, in Moroeni area, Dâmbovița County.

Being in a mountain area, the people did not know whether they were in Prahova or Dâmbovița. In order to be able to locate them quickly, the STS operator from Dâmbovița Single Emergency Call Center sent a link for them to access and, thus, to find out their geographical coordinates.

After activating the link, the geolocation information was transmitted in the 112 System, which made it possible for the intervention forces to find the people in a very short time. Fortunately, the people did not need medical care and they were only helped to get the vehicle out of the snow.

Until the implementation of the AML location solution is completed, the two alternative methods, HTML5 Geolocation link and APEL 112 mobile application, can be used to identify people who do not know where they are.

These allow the transmission of the caller’s coordinates to the 112 System and their display on the computer platforms.

In order to be located by these methods, a GPS phone and Internet connection is required.

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