The Special Telecommuncations Service activity is regulated by current legislation that confers jurisdiction and legal authority in the field of special telecommunications to carry out its legal attributions.

Special and cooperation networks under STS administration

A. Special networks

  • Urban telephone network “S“, in Bucharest.
  • Long-distance telephone network “TO”, in Bucharest and nationwide.
  • International encrypted telephone network “I.C.S.”
  • Conventional radio communication networks and/or multiple-access to the bandwidth administered by STS in Bucharest and nationwide.
  • Radio relay networks administered by S.T.S. in Bucharest and nationwide.
  • Encrypted short-wave radio communication network, in Bucharest and nationwide.
  • Bandwidth monitoring network to ensure special radio communication networks protection as well as those administered by the other institutions within defence, national security and public order.

B. Cooperation networks

  • Long-distance telephone cooperation network “I.C.”, in Bucharest and nationwide.
  • Urban and long-distance data transmission networks, operating on the systems under STS administration.

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TETRA mobile communication network

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WiMAX voice - data network

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