Early warning system

The proactive services provided by CORIS-STS aim to strengthen the infrastructure and security processes, before the detection of any security incident or event. The main objectives are to avoid incidents and to decrease the impact surface in case of occurrence.

As part of the proactive services, CORIS-STS provides the early warning system EWS-STS (Early Warning System - STS).

The Early Warning System collects data from Honeypot systems which are a part of STS infrastructure and it aims to detect new trends regarding informatic attacks, making it possible to react in a timely manner.

Early Warning System's (EWS - STS) main goals:

  • Early detection of threats that may affect the communication infrastructure of CORIS-STS constituency;
  • Increasing the level of awareness regarding the actual state of information;
  • Understanding and generation of a global map of Internet threats (viruses, port scans, etc);
  • Monitoring and predicting imminent security events;
  • Processing and disseminating alerts in a user-friendly manner;
  • Taking rapid and proper action as a response to the occurring alerts;
  • Early detection of threats and countermeasures;
  • Improving the existent informatic infrastructure so that it can face future challenges.
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