Cyber awareness


Providing alerts and warnings is a service that involves the dissemination of information about: attacks, security vulnerabilities, intrusion alerts, viruses, trojans and solutions provision even for a short time allowing the client to manage the problem occured.

The alert, warning or advisory documents are submitted to the client as response to the current problem, in order to notify the event and provide the necessary support to protect its own systems or to restore the affected ones.

The information can be generated by CORIS-STS-CERT or can be downloaded from the software and equipment manufacturers, from other teams such as CSIRT/CERT, security experts and even from the clients, and then redistributed.

Consultancy on security matters

These services are provided in a manner to improve the general security climate of an organization and they are based on CORIS-STS acquired experience to handle the security incidents.

CORIS-STS can offer consultancy and guidance concerning the best security practices that could be subject to implementation within an organization. Providing this service means drawing up recommendations or identifying the requirements concerning the purchase, the setting up or the provision of new systems, network devices, software applications, etc. Herewith are also included the consultancy and the assistance services in drafting the security policies within the above-mentioned organization.

CORIS-STS-CERT is interested in and can also identify new opportunities for increasing the clients awareness on security matters they could face. By means of articles, newsletters, websites or other informational resources the best security practices are presented and consultancy regarding the prevention measures is provided.

Vulnerabilities management

Vulnerabilities management involves receiving information and reports, related to hardware and software vulnerabilities, analyzing their nature, mechanisms and their effects on systems and developing strategies and mechanisms to detect and eliminate them. Depending on the activities carried out the following services provided by CORIS-STS can be identified:

  • Vulnerabilities Analysis

CORIS-STS performs technical analysis and reviews of hardware and software vulnerabilities. It aims to detect a vulnerability, how it acts and its characteristics in order to assess how it could be exploited by an attacker.

Analysis may include methods such as examining source code, reproducing real environmental conditions on a test system etc.

  • Response to vulnerabilities

This service is defined as being the CORIS-STS reaction materialized into a response intended to mitigate or fix a vulnerability. This type of service may include research and development activities in order to provide software patches or applicable solutions.

There are also proactive activities in information dissemination, respectively the creation and distribution of documentation, through the provision of these patches and solutions.

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