The Operational Response Centre for Security Incidents (CORIS-STS) is the CERT type entity designated to prevent and respond to security incidents related to information and communications systems of the Special Telecommunications Service and its clients.

CORIS-STS is authorized to respond to all types of events, incidents and all types of threats that may occur in its area of responsability, being able to take action on the request of a beneficiary or by its own initiative, following a probable or ongoing threat that may lead to a security incident.

The organizational structure defines a functional architecture able to provide the following types of services:

  • Reactive Services;
  • Proactive Services;
  • Security quality management services.

CORIS-STS is taking into consideration the collaboration with other CERT-like entities from both the public and private environment, whose main effect is the creation of a common environment of cooperation and trust.



CORIS-STS is accredited member of Trusted Introducer since 2011.


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