According to Law no. 92/1996 on the S.T.S. organization and functioning with its subsequent amendments, S.T.S. is the sole authority able to issue mandatory technical norms in the field of special telecommunications. S.T.S. guarantees special radio communications protection and confidentiality, these being exempted  from authorization and licence regime, stipulated in the current telecommunication regulations.

Electromagnetic compatibility

PRINT VERSION: Operational procedure on issuing the preliminary approval of setting main stations locations for electronic communication services, published in OM of Romania no. 89/31.01.2017 Part 1

Speeding up analysis and response process

Starting 01 July 2018, in order to speed up the analysis and response process, the technical documentation/location, according to the list in the current order shall be sent via e-mail (photo scanned - a single pdf file for each location to be authorized) to the address

For concordance reasons, this approach must include one of the following security solutions:

  • Electronic signature using “Pretty Good Privacy” (PGP) at the end of the e-mail, according to “PGP Guidelines to sign and encrypt e-mails”, available for Thunderbird or Outlook , depending on the e-mail client in use.

The response will be sent in the same format.

The response will be sent in the same format.

  • Submission or sending documentation on paper, via post-office, to our institution’s HQ, located in Bucharest, Splaiul Independenţei, nr.323A, sector 6, to the attention of S.T.S. UM 0536. The response will be electronically sent to the same e-mail address where the application was sent.

The response written on paper will be available at our HQ (ext. 500).

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