Ensuring communications and information technology secured services for the Romanian authorities, by developing and managing communications networks and information systems based on interoperability, standardization and security principles. Increasing services resiliency and critical infrastructures protection levels. Strengthening research&development, innovation, production and maintenance capabilities throughout the entire lifecycle of the managed equipments, systems and services.


Providing special telecommunications and secure cooperation services, anywhere and at any time, for the Romanian State authorities.


Honor, loyalty, performance, professionalism.

Who we are

The Special Telecommunications Service is the central specialized body with legal status, which organizes, conducts, carries out, controls and coordinates the activities in the field of special telecommunications for public authorities in Romania and for other users provided by the law.

 STS  is the only authority that issues mandatory technical standards in the field of special telecommunications.

The institution has military structure and is part of the national defence system.

What special telecommunications stand for

Special Telecommunications are transmissions, emissions or reception of signs, signals, writings, images, sounds or information of any kind by wire, radio, optics, or other electromagnetic systems for users provided by law.

STS guarantees the protection and confidentiality of special telecommunications, being exempted from the licencing and the authorizations provided by the telecommunications law.

Penetration, disruption and destruction of special telecommunications networks, as well as the interception of communications in these networks constitute threats to national security.

Special telecommunications are characterized by high-level protection and confidentiality.

How we run our activity

The activity of the Special Telecommunications Service is controlled by the Romanian Parliament, through the defence, public order and national security committees.

The institution’s activity is organized and coordinated by the Supreme Council of National Defence.

What we do


  • designs, implements, administrates, operates, maintains and optimizes telecommunication networks, infrastructures, IT&C services and systems
  • provides security services associated to special telecommunications, guaranteeing their confidentiality
  • provides Data Centers and IT systems specific services
  • provides encrypted communication services and management of cyber security incidents
  • administrates the Single National Emergency Call System 112 (SNUAU)
  • ensures the continuity of communications and information networks for the National Emergency Management System (SNMSU)
  • is the public authority in charge with the critical infrastructure under its administration, related  to “IT&C” and “National Security” sectors

Our beneficiaries

  • Romanian Parliament
  • Romanian Presidency
  • Romanian Government
  • Institutions active in the field of defence, national security and public order
  • Central and local public administration and/or their subordinated units that carry out activities of national public interest
  • Legal authority:
    - Supreme Court of Justice
    - Public Ministry
    - Supreme Council of Magistracy
  • The Romanian Court of Accounts
  • The Romanian Constitutional Court
  • Governing structures within governmental  and non-governmental organizations of national interest
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